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Douxo Calm Mousse 150ml

Foam indicated for skin protection and as an aid in the treatment of itching (itching) and inflammatory skin conditions in dogs and cats.

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Douxo Calm Mousse is a topical adjunct to treatment actions and prophylaxis for allergic dermatitis. Promotes skin hydration and restructuring. Helps control itching and reduce skin inflammation.


  • Avenantramides are purified polyphenols from colloidal oat extract, ie potent antioxidants that contribute to suppress the release of histamine and pro-inflammatory cytokines, favoring the reduction of itching and inflammation.
  • Stimu-tex® AS is a patented plant-based complex: barley wax, argan oil and shea butter, whose components - essential fatty acids and phytosterols - help control allergic skin reactions, helping to relieve inflammatory processes and restoring the skin barrier.
  • Phytosphingosine is a pro-ceramide, a natural constituent of the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis, which ensures the restructuring and integrity of the stratum corneum and favors the control of the cutaneous ecosystem and the normalization of the surface flora - bacteria and fungi, to limit secondary complications.

Directions for use:

Brush the animal in the opposite direction to the hair growth and apply the product to the dry hair (dispense a double dose of mousse in your hand and apply to the animal). Massage so that the product reaches the skin. Repeat as often as necessary to cover the entire body, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth. Do not rinse with water. Dry outdoors. Double the dose in longhaired animals.

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