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Gel Lavante Cold Cream Nutri-Protetor 300ml.

Mustela Cold Cream Nutri-Protective Cleansing Gel 300ml

Cold Cream Nutri-Protector Washing Gel, cleans with all the smoothness
Nourishes and softens the skin from birth.

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Specifically formulated for use from birth *, Mustela Bebé Nutri-Protector Lavender Cold Cream Gel is ideal for the daily bath of babies with naturally dry or temporarily damaged skin:

  • The skin and hair are delicately clean without being attacked, thanks to the very smooth formula without soap.
  • Dry skin is nourished and relieved thanks to the Nutri-Protector complex that associates Cold Cream and Ceramides
    (key lipids in the skin).
  • The hydrolipidic film is preserved thanks to the formula that compensates for the dehydrating effect induced by limestone water.

Thanks to the new formula enriched in Perséose de Avocado®, patented active of natural origin, Cold Cream Gel Lavante
Nutri-Protector contributes to the reinforcement of the skin barrier and to preserve the cellular richness of the skin.


  1. Wet your baby's body and hair with warm water.
  2. Pour a small amount of Cold Cream Gel Lavante Nutri-Protetor in your hand.
  3. Then wash the baby with foam.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

To optimize the effectiveness of this product, you can use the other Mustela Bebé Cold Cream care in addition.

In contact with skin and hair, Cold Cream Gel Lavante Nutri-Protetor forms an enveloping foam with the delicate Mustela fragrance. Very easy to rinse, leaves skin smooth and silky hair. Practical, your dispenser distributes the correct amount to use.

* Including babies from neonatology.