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Clinical Otoclean 18 x 5ml

Ear cleaning solution

Dogs and cats

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It can be used for daily auricular hygiene, otitis prevention or as an adjunct during otitis treatment.

Pharmacological properties: Otoclean contains keratolytic, cerumenolytic, emollient, sanitizing and moisturizing ingredients that provide the product with perfect qualities for the hygiene and care of the external ear canal of the dog and cat, keeping it free from accumulation of dirt, cerumen or secretions.

Directions for use:

Apply Otoclean to both ears. For small, medium-sized dogs and cats, divide the contents of an ampoule between the 2 ears. In large animals apply an ampoule to each ear. Leave the product to act for about 15 minutes and then remove it with sterile gauze.

Frequency of use: varies depending on the indication.

  • Otitis prevention: it is recommended to apply it every 5-7 days in a routine manner, especially in breeds with big, drooping ears (Cocker, Beagle) or with very hairy ear canals (Poodle, West Highland White Terrier) as they are more likely to suffer them.
  • Auricular hygiene: in animals with large accumulations of cerumen and dirt, with bad odor, apply every 24 hours, for 8 consecutive days, spacing the applications (every 2-3 days) depending on the response obtained until the ears are completely clean.
  • Coadjuvant in the treatment of otitis: to improve the effectiveness of anti-infectious or therapeutic products, it is recommended to clean the ear 30 minutes before treatment, thus eliminating all accumulated dirt, facilitating the absorption of medicines.