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Oleoban Banho Bebé 500ml
Oleoban Banho Bebé 500ml

Oleoban Baby Bath 500ml

Hygiene and hydration for baby's bath.

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Oleoban Baby Bath was developed to care for the sensitive skin of the baby and the newborn, providing gentle hygiene while restoring the skin's natural hydration during the immersion bath.


  • It protects and moisturizes the baby's dry and sensitive skin when dehydrated or irritated by elements that are aggressive to its balance, even in the case of atopic and contact dermatitis, as an adjunct to treatment.

Directions for use:

In the baby and newborn bath (baby bath or half adult bath): add 1 to 1.5 tablespoons and mix well. It can also be gently applied to previously wet skin and then removed with water. Dry gently when leaving the bath, without rubbing. The use of soaps or soaps with Oleoban Baby Bath is not recommended.