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Dermocanis Long Hair Smooth Shampoo 250ml

The physiological shampoo formulated for the usual hygiene of the skin and hair of dogs.

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Target species (s): Canines (dogs).

Directions for use: Routine hygiene and washing of the following breeds and their crosses: Afghan, Setter, Cocker, Belgian Shepherd, Yorkshire terrier, Pequinois, Lhassa Apso, Collie, etc.

Contraindications: Not applicable.

Use during pregnancy or lactation: It can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Posology and route of administration:

- Wet the animal's fur

- Apply the shampoo to different parts of the body, in sufficient quantity, depending on the size, the thickness of the hair and the dirtiness of the animal.

- Massage until foam is obtained.

- Rinse and repeat the operation until a smooth, white foam is obtained.

- Rinse and dry, avoiding drafts and cold environments.

If baths are needed more frequently than monthly, we recommend the use of DERMOCANIS® FREQUENT USE.