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Orozyme Gel for Oral Hygiene 70g

Oral hygiene of dogs and cats.

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The veterinary product Orozyme is an oral gel, which, due to its activity on the dental plaque and tartar, ensures, biologically and physically, better oral hygiene, and can be used daily, since the establishment of adult dentition or after scaling.

It comes in the form of tubes with 70 g of gel, enough to treat a 20 kg dog for about 6 to 8 weeks.

The enzyme complex stands out from its composition: amylase, oxide, lysozine, among others.

Directions for use:

Dogs: Apply directly to the mouth or mix with a small amount of food.
Cats: Apply directly in the mouth or on the front paw, so that the cat can lick it.

Cats and small dogs - About 1 cm of gel
Dogs under 20 kg - About 2 cm of gel
Dogs over 20 kg - About 5 cm of gel