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Cutania TrisEDTA Wipes 24 wipes

Wipes with innovative formula with antimicrobial effect (acts on biofilms). Helps control the growth of microorganisms. For dogs, cats, small mammals, horses.

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Cutania TrisEDTA Wipes are wipes with antimicrobial action.


  • Innovative formula with synergistic antimicrobial effect - Acts on biofilms.
  • Helps control the growth of microorganisms.
  • Synergistic action of TrisEDTA with agents that act at alkaline pH (eg antibiotics).
  • Printed fabric - Facilitates the removal of debris and secretions.
  • Does not contain antibiotics or corticosteroids.
  • Does not generate resistance.
  • Support for veterinary treatment of choice in: Dermatological processes in which Gram + and Gram - bacteria (Pseudomonas spp, Proteus spp...) are involved. Superficial pyoderma. Deep pyoderma. Chronic recurrent pyoderma. Cleaning from friction, skin erosions or superficial wounds.

Directions for use:

Dermatological processes (7-10 days): 1-2 times / day. Maintenance: 1-2 times / week.