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Pilbox 7.4 Medication Box

Pilbox 7.4 Medication Box

Box for organizing weekly medication of 4 different doses each day.

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Pilbox 7.4 it's a cassistance for organizing weekly medication (7 days). It has the capacity to organize 4 different doses each day (morning, noon, afternoon and night).


  • Practical storage system, sturdy box, with a clip to hold recipes or a diagram with the dosage.
  • Easy to clean and easy to read: daily modules clearly identified with large letters when opening the box.
  • Ergonomic: a box that fits your hand and modules that are simple to open with just one finger.
  • Large capacity: the modules can store a large number of tablets.
  • Mobility and security: the modules are closed without risk of opening unexpectedly.Large capacity: seven independent modules, with four sockets / compartments per module. Each compartment can hold up to 15 standard size capsules / tablets.
  • Removable daily modules for easy transport.
  • Easy to handle: the strip / cover of each module slides in two directions.
  • Also suitable for visually impaired users: tactile markers to indicate each dose / dose.