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Medi Genumedi Plus

Medi Genumedi Plus

Jeweler indicated situations of misalignment of the kneecap, joint effusion and edema, chronic irritative states, post-operative and post-traumatic, Arthrosis and arthritis (in early stages) and/or moderate instabilities.

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Medi Genumedi Plus it has a massage effect achieved by the compressive tissue and the silicone ring, improves blood circulation and helps the absorption of bruises and edema.


  • Seamless knee brace improves proprioception and muscle support, with additional tightening straps for stabilization purposes and significantly improves comfort (knee stabilization).
  • The sophisticated "Comfort climate" features new materials that make it an even more comfortable fabric for the skin.
  • It absorbs any moisture transporting it to the outside of the fabric where it is evaporated.
  • At the same time, the breathable mesh allows oxygen to come into contact with the skin.
  • The integrated climate fresh function maintains a fresh, odor-free environment thanks to the use of silver (antiseptic effect).
  • Ensures hygienic conditions throughout the fabric's depth.
  • Comfort zones provide a comfortable fit throughout the day, allowing discreet use under clothing and shoes.
  • Circumference "f"(cm): 43–46.
  • Circumference "d" (cm): 31–34.