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Excilor Ultra Solução Fúngica Unhas 30ml
Excilor Ultra Solução Fúngica Unhas 30ml

Excilor Ultra Fungal Nail Solution 30ml

Most comfortable formula (1 application per day) for advanced nail fungal infections.

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Excilor Ultra Fungal Nail Solution is a solution for the treatment of fungal nail infections of practical application.


  • It penetrates completely and is effective on the nails for 24 hours, so that the nail can grow healthy.
  • It has an immediate shine effect, is compatible with nail polish and the old layer can be removed in seconds.
  • Nails grow healthier and stronger, thus preventing recontamination.

Directions for use:

Clean the nail and, if using nail polish, remove it completely before using Excilor® ULTRA. Use the applicator to coat the entire nail. Make sure to apply Excilor® ULTRA generously. Allow the nail to dry (3 to 5 minutes) before putting on socks and / or shoes. You can apply nail polish over the applied product layer. After 24 hours, remove the film. This can be done easily by starting by peeling the film off the side of the nail. Continue to peel off until the entire film of the nail is removed.