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Ducray Neoptide Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 3x30ml

Chronic woman hair loss - moderates hair loss, promotes growth

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Hair growth and renewal are determined by the activity of hair follicles, capable of generating 20 to 25 cycles over a lifetime. In chronic hair loss, each hair cycle is shorter than the previous one. The diameter and length of the hair at the end of the cycle decrease. The hair follicle depletes programmed cycles more quickly: it is reabsorbed and disappears much earlier than normal.

In women, the hair is gradually thinning at the top of the head, saving the frontal area. The chronic fall sets in and becomes diffuse with an overall decrease in capillary density.

The neoptide anti-hair loss lotion will act directly on the hair follicle favoring the stimulation of the hair growth phase.

The concentration in tetrapeptide favors the proliferation of hair bulb cells and prolongs the hair growth phase. Thanks to the tetrapeptide the stimulation of the hair unit is favored and the hair gains in length.

The combination of other active ingredients will also favor nutritional exchanges at the level of the hair bulb, functioning as an energy activator.

The hair is thus revived, the fall slows down and the increase in capillary mass is facilitated.

Directions for use:

Distribute 1ml of the lotion once a day, preferably at night, directly over the dry scalp. Massage well to activate the lotion penetration. Do not rinse. Avoid washing your hair for the next 2 hours after application.

It is advisable to use the lotion for at least 3 months.