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Advancis Capilar Resist Loção 150ml
Advancis Capilar Resist Loção 150ml

Advancis Capillary Resist Lotion 150ml

Intensive hair care for weak, thin, brittle hair with a tendency to fall.

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Advancis Capillary Resist Lotion with its formula developed with orange stem cells, hydrolyzate of placental cells, proteins and amino acids and enriched with menthol, eucalyptol and camphor, intensively cares for and protects hair and scalp to maintain vitality and vigor.


  • Placenta cell hydrolyzate: Rich in bioactive molecules that act in synergy to hydrate, smooth and repair hair with a tendency to fall. Placenta cell hydrolyzate is rich in proteins and amino acids, growth factors, hormones, vitamins and nucleic acids combined with strong antioxidants important to stimulate hair growth in progressive or reactionary alopecia.
  • Orange stem cells: With structural amino acids and kinetin, which reduce water and lipid losses through the epidermis and stimulate keratinocytes.
  • Camphor, menthol and eucalyptol: Refreshing and stimulating microcirculation essential oils.
  • Prevention of reactional fall usually seasonal: Prevention of Reactive Hair Loss - Postpartum - Stress and other environmental factors.
  • As an intensive complement in Progressive Hair Loss situations - Genetic factors - Hormonal factors.

Directions for use:

Initial Care: Apply 12 to 15 sprays, once a day, for a minimum period of 20 days. It can be applied to dry or damp hair. Maintenance care: Apply 12 to 15 sprays, once every three days, for a minimum period of 2 months.