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Advancis Capilar Sebum Champô 250ml
Advancis Capilar Sebum Champô 250ml

Advancis Capillary Sebum Shampoo 250ml

For hair and scalp with a tendency to oiliness.

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Advancis Capilar Sebum Shampoo with its formula rich in orange stem cells, panthenol, proteins and amino acids it effectively washes hair and scalp, leaving it more beautiful, free of oil and with a pleasant sensation of lightness.


  • Orange stem cells: rich in structural amino acids and kinetin, a hormone that promotes plant growth. Quinetin, with antioxidant properties, reduces water and lipid losses through the epidermis and stimulates keratinocytes.
  • Panthenol: Regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, restoring lightness and volume to the hair.
  • Regulates sebaceous glands.
  • For scalp with a tendency to greasiness and oily hair.

Directions for use:

Apply Advancis® Capilar Sebum Shampoo to the hair and massage from the root to the ends. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat if necessary.