Neocate Junior 400g
Neocate Junior 400g

Neocate Junior 400g

Powdered free amino acid formula, from 1 year.

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Nutritionally complete, powdered amino acid formula. For children from 1 year of age.

Indicated to satisfy the nutritional needs of children over one year old, with allergy to cow's milk proteins, multiple protein allergies and situations that compromise digestion and / or absorption in which an elementary diet is recommended.

It can be used as a single food source.

Free of proteins and peptides. Gluten and lactose free. Contains PUFAS

Directions for use:

Recommended amount: According to the clinical condition, nutritional needs, age and weight of the patient. The recommended concentration is 21.1%.

Usage guide: Serum levels of micronutrients, particularly phosphorus, should be systematically monitored by the medical team when elemental formulas (such as Neocate) are used as the sole or main source of food for patients with complex systemic diseases that involve multiple diagnoses and intestinal disease, especially if they are administered by tube and / or have a history of prematurity. Neocate formulas are intended for use under medical supervision.