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Mixol 300g
Mixol 300g

Mixol 300g

Replacement milk for puppies and kittens.

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Designed with the purpose of providing a balanced and complete diet, from the first day of life, essential to allow the newborn's harmonious development, strengthening its immune defenses.

Administered as a complement to maternal nutrition, MIXOL is an important nutritional aid for breastfeeding bitches and cats.

Qualitative and quantitative composition

- Minimum contents guaranteed for each 1 kg of Mixol powdered milk: Vit A 27000 IU; Vit D3 4220 IU; Vit E 41mg; Vit B1 6mg; Vit B2 7mg; Vit B5 41mg; Vit B6 5mg; Vit B12 5ug; Vit PP 25mg; 0.2mg folic acid; iron 150mg; copper 15mg; cobalt 253ug; 66mg manganese; 58mg zinc; 150ug selenium; choline chloride 1g; 2g methionine.

Replacement of breast milk for puppies and kittens. Mixol is a complete mineralized and defatted milk, a substitute for breast milk, for little ones from birth to solid food.

MIXOL is a valuable helper in:

- raising puppies and kittens deprived of their mother;

- when the lactating female is aggressive to the litter or when its milk secretion is insufficient;

- to help the mother and allow babies to have a perfectly adapted diet;

- to facilitate the transition from breastfeeding to solid feeding;

In bitches and adult cats it favors milk production during breastfeeding. Due to its dryness in proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins it is the ideal energy supplement for convalescent, underfed or fatigued adult dogs and cats

Directions for use:

Add to the powder twice its volume of hot water and shake vigorously until it is perfectly dissolved.

During the first 15 days of life, administer with a bottle, from the 3rd week on, puppies or kittens should get used to drinking from a bowl.