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Program 2-7kg 6 tablets

Anti-flea tablets for dogs.

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Anti-flea tablets for dogs Program.

Non-insecticidal external antiparasitic treatment on tablets for dogs that inhibits flea multiplication due to impracticable eggs. It can be used on all dogs, including pregnant females and dogs that eat solid food. This product is especially effective against the flea species dominant in the dog (Ctenocephalides canis, C. felis).

This product breaks the life cycle of fleas, preventing their multiplication. Control your pet and home fleas. This Product does not kill adult fleas therefore, if the dog was already infested before starting treatment, additional treatment with an adulticide may be necessary during the first 1-2 months. From the first 24 hours after the first administration, fleas will not be able to produce fertile eggs. The rate of elimination will depend on the rate of previous infestation, depending on the number of flea larvae and pupae present in the medium. Treatment can start at any time of the year.

Properties: lufenuron is a benzoylurea derivative that is administered orally and is rapidly absorbed in the intestine. When administered together with food, great absorption is achieved. It has a low elimination rate so it remains active in the blood for a month.
When fleas bite dogs, ingest lufenuron together with the blood, this compound is transmitted to flea eggs, blocking the formation of the chitinous structure of the larvae (typical insect process), preventing the larvae from evolving to adult. This way we can avoid reinfestation of the environment by the possible fleas that bring our dog from outside.

Composition per tablet: Progran 60: lufenuron 67.8 mg, Program 200: lufenuron 204.9 mg and Program 400: lufenuron 409.8 mg.

How to use: The tablets are administered orally mixed with food, hidden in a piece of meat or else, directly in the mouth after food. They are administered in a single monthly dose, preferably the same day of the month. The product should be administered every month, for at least 6 months in the flea season. It is recommended to start treatment 1-2 months before the fleas become active. To stop flea multiplication completely, all animals living in the same house (except lactating chicks) must be treated at the same time. For cats use Progran S7.

Dosage: The recommended minimum dose is 10 mg lufenuron / kg body weight / month.

Dog weightPill per dog and month
2.5-7 Kg 1 pill of Program 60
7-20 Kg 1 pill of Program 200
20-40 Kg 1 pill of Program 400
40-80 Kg 2 pill of Program 400

Each package contains 6 tablets, protects against fleas for 6 months.

Available in 3 different presentations.

SizeModelDog weight
Little Program 60 For dogs weighing 2.5 to 7 kg
Median Program 200 For dogs weighing 7 to 20 kg
Big Program 400 For dogs weighing 20 to 40 kg