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Mustela Saline 40x5ml
Mustela Saline 40x5ml

Mustela Saline 40x5ml

Sterile nasal and ophthalmic solution.

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Mustela Saline is a saline solution that helps to clean, soften and protect the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes.


  • Gently cleanses, eliminates excess mucus and purifies the nasal passages.
  • Gently removes impurities and lubricates at eye level.
  • Ideal for newborn, baby and adult.

Usage advice:

Apply to nose or eyes. Single administration, once opened, do not reuse. In the nose: 1 to 2 pressures of the single dose in each nostril. Renew whenever necessary. In the eyes: soak a sterile compress and clean the eye, starting from the inner corner (next to the nose) to the outer corner (side of the temple). Do not re-apply the used compress over the eye. Switch from compress to care of the other eye. Renew whenever necessary.

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