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Hartmann Resposorb Silicone Dressings 20x20cm

Hartmann Resposorb Silicone Dressings 20x20cm

Super-absorbent dressings with polyacrylate and non-stick coating.

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Silicone Responder sterile superabsorbent dressing with silicone in the wound contact layer.


  • For acute wounds: traumatic wounds, burns, post-operative wounds.
  • For chronic wounds: ulcers, pressure ulcers, cancer wounds, diabetic foot.
  • The structure of the dressing is composed of a layer of silicone, a non-viscose fabric.
  • Soft hydrophilic cellulose absorbent core + polyacrylate, hydrophobic polypropylene outer shell
  • Water repellent and air permeable.
  • 10x20cm.
  • 10 patches.