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Pédi Relax Spray Frescura Imediata 125ml
Pédi Relax Spray Frescura Imediata 125ml

Pédi Relax Spray Immediate Freshness 125ml

Spray with essential oil of mint to refresh and relax tired feet and legs.

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Pédi Relax Spray Immediate Freshness it is specially formulated for tired feet and legs.


  • Formulated with relaxing and toning constituents that stimulate blood circulation and soothe tired feet.
  • Provides immediate freshness, instantly relieving the feeling of weight, fatigue and overheating.
  • The legs and feet are light and comfortable, thanks to the action of mint and arnica essential oil.
  • The mint essential oil, with toning properties, is associated with arnica, pilosela, ruscus and caffeine.

Directions for use:

Apply several times a day to tired feet and legs, avoiding sores. The packaging can also be used inverted. Do not apply to children. Wash with water in case of contact with eyes. Use in a ventilated place.