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Vichy Teint Ideal Pó Bronzeador 9.5g
Vichy Teint Ideal Pó Bronzeador 9.5g

Vichy Teint Ideal Tanning Powder 9.5g

Tanning powder for natural tanned complexion effect. Universal tone.

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Vichy Teint Ideal Tanning Powder with natural light technology, reveals your ideal complexion with luminous effect and gives the skin the ideal natural effect to each face.If you love the beauty of a tanned skin, give your complexion a warm tone and gently sculpt your features, this powder suntan lotion is right for you.


  • This bronzing powder combines: a lamellar powder (to give smoothness and an application without interruptions), a "shine" powder (for luminosity and transparency) and pigments (for an intense color).
  • Sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic.
  • Make-up result: It is maintained throughout the day.
  • Luminous beauty effect. Developer of ideal complexion. Sculpted features. Powder and homogeneous finish.
  • Extra-smooth and ultra-easy to spread fine texture for a natural beauty effect throughout the day.
  • Ideal application thanks to the brush and mirror contained in the box.

Directions for use:

Apply to the top of the cheekbones and the edge of the nose. Apply lightly on the forehead, from bottom to top, to uniform the color. Put a little powder on your temples to sculpt your face. Add a light touch to the chin. And don't forget, some nuances in the jaw and neck.