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Actinica Lotion

Actinica® Lotion is a highly effective medical device, with broad UV spectrum protection.

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Actinica® Lotion is used to prevent certain forms of non-melanoma skin cancer in patients at risk (immunocompromised).

Actinica® Lotion contains a combination of modern photostable UV filters, which cover a wide UV spectrum. It is highly effective in protecting ultraviolet B (UVB) as well as ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation.

Actinica® Lotion contains extra moisturizing properties to help improve skin texture. They do not contain PEG, fragrance or emulsifiers, being well tolerated, suitable and comfortable for all skin types.

Easy and convenient application - with a dispenser, it helps to apply the correct amount of Actinica® (according to the administration schedule in the product information leaflet).