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Bella Aurora Repigment12 Repigment Cream

Bella Aurora Repigment12 Repigment Cream

Cosmetic treatment of hypo pigmentation or white patches on the skin.

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Bella Aurora Repigment12 75ml repigmentating cream.


  • An innovative mechanism of action that blocks the MIA protein, which causes depigmentation, keeps the melanocyte stable and, upon exposure to natural or artificial UV light, restores the natural tone to the depigmented area.
  • Thus, it interrupts the evolution of white spots and provides a satisfactory repigmentation of the affected area.

Directions for use:

Apply twice a day to affected areas. To accelerate and improve results, it is necessary to complement the cosmetic treatment with daily exposure to natural sunlight, avoiding burns, or with exposure to artificial ultraviolet radiation under the supervision of a healthcare professional. It is recommended to follow the cosmetic treatment for at least six months or until the area is completely re-pigmented.