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Dermapharma Sombra 4 Cores
Dermapharma Sombra 4 Cores

Dermapharma Eyeshadow 4 Colors Gray

Shadows with a smooth and silky texture. Gray Scale.

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Dermapharma shadows have a smooth and silky texture. Its cosmopolitan and long-lasting colors allow for the most varied combinations allowing you to obtain an elegant and sophisticated make-up.

Directions for use:

Apply the eyeshadow with an eyelid brush. Combine the different tones and easily create perfect blends and blends.

Apply a light or medium shade over the entire eyelid using an eyelid brush. Then apply the dark shadow to the outer corner of the eye. To harmonize the result and avoid demarcation, blend the edges of the makeup with a clean brush.

The tone photographs are for guidance only, as they may vary depending on the computer screen used for viewing them. Farmácia Nova da Maia declines any responsibility for any color variations that may arise.