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Omniotic 5ml 20 ampoules

Omniotic 5ml 20 ampoules

Advanced cleaning of the ears of dogs, cats and rabbits.

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Omniotic is a liquid for routine cleaning of the ears of dogs and cats that combines all the necessary characteristics for the satisfaction of the owners, because it has a pleasant odor and quickly removes the wax and the satisfaction of the veterinarians because it enhances the ear treatments through a pH suitable for the action of antibiotics and antifungals, and has a strong surfactant and soothing capacity of the auricular epithelium.

In what situations to use?

- Routine: weekly or biweekly

- Unpleasant odor: daily 8 days, then every 2-3 days until the situation is regularized

- After bath

- After removing hair from the ear.

Directions for use:

Lift the animal's ear to access the external ear canal and stretch it

If hair is removed, shave before application.

Insert the applicator into the ear parallel to the side of the animal.

Place +/- 2ml.

Massage the base of the ear (listening to crackling) for at least 1 minute.

Clean, removing the cerumen and loose debris.