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Omron Nebulizador MicroAir U100
Omron Nebulizador MicroAir U100

Omron Nebulizer MicroAir U100

The truly portable pocket nebulizer that fits in any pocket, backpack or suitcase.

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Omron Nebulizer MicroAir U100 is a small portable nebulizer that helps to effectively treat the respiratory conditions of a simple cough to asthma.


  • The MicroAIR U100, with battery, is compact, ready for travel and easy to reach whenever you need it.
  • The unique mesh technology makes it more efficient and more comfortable to use than traditional nebulizers. It is virtually silent and the unique design allows it to be used in any position. Even lying down, making it more comfortable for younger children.
  • Portable, pocket and battery (2xAA).
  • Quiet operation with a button that allows discreet use.
  • Efficient deposition of medication in the lungs.
  • 360 ° operation allows inhalation in any position.
  • It nebulizes for approximately 8 days (30 min. Day) with only 2 batteries ** (AA), without the need for recharging after each treatment. Particle size 4.5 µm MMAD. MicroAIR ™ U100 also provides faster treatments thanks to the unique vibrating membrane technology, which allows the use of the medication without dilution.
  • This nebulizer is practically noise-free and capable of performing up to 1000 nebulization sessions, which makes it very economical.