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Pic Air Projet Nebulizer

Ultrasonic aerosol, very quiet, ideal for children

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AirProjet is an aerosol therapy device that nebulizes the most common medications extremely quietly and quickly, actually uses half the time than a piston aerosol to nebulize the same amount of medication and is quieter than a traditional aerosol. For these reasons it is ideal for children.

A transducer placed inside the device emits high frequency sound waves which propagate in the conduction water, breaking up the solution to nebulize the sphere, causing a very fine fog.

The design was studied to make the therapy more practical thanks to the device's rotation system and along the connecting tube that allow the therapy to be carried out in a comfortable way, following the child's movements.

AirProjet is provided with a practical bag where it can be easily placed at the end of therapy. The bag is also provided with a convenient external accessory bag.

Accessories supplied with the device:

  • 5 misting spheres,
  • mouthpiece,
  • nasal fork,
  • mask for adults,
  • mask for children,
  • connecting tube.