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Oral-B Electric Brush Pro1 Gum Care

Advanced electric toothbrush for adults with sensitive teeth.

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Oral-B Electric Brush Pro1 Gum Care is an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth, which protects the gums and removes up to 100 more% of plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.

Pro1 with Sensitive Mode and the built-in Sound Pressure Sensor protects your gums if you brush with too much pressure. Includes an ultra-thin sensitive head that protects the gums and gently cleans the gum line and with the Interspace head that provides an additional interdental cleaning routine, removing even more plaque between the teeth.

Pro1 is designed exclusively for people with especially sensitive gums and teeth and in need of superior cleaning.

Battery life up to 10 days. Sensitive mode, Daily cleaning mode, Bleaching mode.

Make sure you brush your teeth for the recommended time with the professional 2-minute timer

3 brushing modes, including Sensitive, Daily cleaning and Whitening

Contents: 1 electric toothbrush handle with charger, 2 toothbrush heads: Ultra-thin sensitive and Interdental


  • Helps extra cleaning in the hardest to reach areas. For devices, bridges, crowns and implants.
  • Ultra-thin bristles help gently clean teeth and gums.
  • Protects gums against excessive pressure.
  • Time guidance to help brush for 2 minutes.
  • LI-ION battery
  • It has an App Smart Monitoring, to guide brushing according to the recommendation of dentists.