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A-Cerumen Higiene dos Ouvidos 40ml
A-Cerumen Higiene dos Ouvidos 40ml

A-Cerumen Ear Hygiene 40ml

Dissolves Wax

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A-Cerumen spray is a gentle solution for regular ear hygiene based on surfactants.

It is recommended for children from 6 months and adults:

  • for regular use, it facilitates the elimination of wax and prevents the formation of a wax plug.
  • in case of wax plug formed, it dissolves.

Quick and easy to use (no setup or rinsing time.

The A-Cerumen spray contains about 270 doses and is ideal for regular use as part of the family's ear hygiene routine. Its generous spray format facilitates use and hygiene. Use a wet cloth to clean the tip after each use.

Directions for use

1 - Tilt your head to the side that is not being treated.

2 - Press the Spray twice on the ear.

3 - Massage the base of the ear.

4 - Return to the vertical position and clean any excess product that may drip from the ear after use.