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Earclin Earshower
Earclin Earshower

Earclin earshower

Removes excess wax preventing infections and improving your hearing.

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Excess wax in the ear increases the presence of bacteria causing infections and discomfort in the ears. Earclin's soap solution simply removes excess wax preventing infections and improving your hearing: quick, easy and safe!

Wash the ear canal, prevent earwax impaction, remove excess wax, keep the ear clean and improve hearing.

When mixed with warm water, the ingredients of Earclin produce a mild and effective soap solution. The blue soap solution will disappear with the washings until it is no longer visible inside the tube. From that moment on, the earclin must not be used again and the device must be replaced with a new one.

Directions for Use:

You should repeat treatment with Earclin every other day. Repeat the process three times per ear for each wash. Replace your Earclin as soon as the blue soap solution is gone. Do not use more than 30 days.