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Dingo Mature & Daily 15Kg
Dingo Mature & Daily 15Kg

Dingo Mature & Daily 15Kg

Complete and balanced food for dogs over the age of 7 years or with a tendency to suffer obesity. Its composition ensures an anti-aging effect, improves eye health and strengthens the joints.

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Dingo was born as a dog food brand based on the philosophy of eating well, growing healthy and with that, living better!


  • For Dingo it is implied that a correct diet favors healthy growth during all stages of a dog's life. Dingo food is developed with high quality ingredients and selected with the utmost professionalism.
  • Freshness and naturalness: All ingredients are fresh and natural, cultivated, selected and cooked to integrate into delicious recipes for your pet.
  • Integrity: At Dingo your pet's food was designed and developed to be balanced, specific and of the highest quality.
  • Lifestyle: Dingo was inspired by the Mediterranean diet to develop its rations. Thanks to a natural diet, animals are happy and their owners are aware of major improvements in important aspects such as digestion, hair and character.
  • In the Dingo range you will find high-end foods (Super Premium Natural), with the best quality-price ratio you can imagine.
  • Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken protein (min.38%), rice (20%), corn (10%), corn gluten flour (natural source of lutein and zeaxanthin required for optimal eye development), dehydrated chicken fat, beet pulp and apple pulp (natural fiber source), salmon oil and flax oil (sources omega 3 and omega 6), oats (rich in group B vitamins), dehydrated vegetables (natural source of carotenoids that act against free radicals), L-Carnitine and Taurine (great support for muscle and cardiac function), potassium chloride , mixture of rosemary and dehydrated citrus fruits (high preservative power), mixture of vegetable oils rich in alpha-tocopherols (high antioxidant power). Chondroitin (1000mg / kg), Glucosamine (1000mg / kg).
  • Available Packages: 3Kg and 15Kg.