Ownat Classic Dog Complet 4Kg

Ownat Classic Complete Dog 4Kg

For adult dogs with normal activity levels, regardless of breed and size.

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Ownat Classic Dog Complete is a complete and balanced food, with excellent flavor thanks to the incorporation of fresh meat. Designed to meet all the nutritional needs of an adult dog with a normal activity level, whatever its breed and size.


  • Natural ingredients - selected, fresh and with all their nutritional value intact to prepare delicious recipes that your pet will love and that will help keep it in the best physical condition.
  • Fresh Meat - for the health of dogs and cats to benefit profoundly from the proteins that meat provides to the diet, it is essential that it is fresh meat
  • Slow cooking process - ingredients are cooked very slowly and at low temperatures in their own juices and in smaller production batches, to retain the highest nutritional quality and achieve exceptional digestibility.
  • No dyes or preservatives - recipes do not include any additives that do not provide nutritional or functional value to the product.
  • Composition: Meat 32% (dried meat 22%, fresh chicken* 10%), whole wheat* (18%), chicken fat, whole corn* (9%), whole barley* (8%), whole peas* ( 5%), wheat bran* (5%), brown rice* (5%), crushed carob* (2%), fresh apple* (1%), salmon oil, flax seeds* (1%), beet pulp, fructo-oligosaccharides and manno-oligosaccharides, brewer's yeast* (0.5%), botanical herbs 0.02% (fennel*, echinacea*, thyme*), yucca schidigera. *Natural ingredients
  • The characteristic that makes the Classic range a distinct and unique option in the premium segment is the incorporation of authentic fresh meat and natural ingredients in its recipes. Something until now reserved only for higher price ranges and that Ownat wants to make more accessible, so that you can always give your pet the best food.