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Bi-Oral Suero Neutro
Bi-Oral Suero Neutro

Bi-Oral Suero Neutral

Rehydrates and restores the intestinal flora.

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Bi-Oral Suero is a food supplement that helps to rehydrate and restore the intestinal flora. It provides a unique combination of liquids and minerals with a potent probiotic, Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis, which together promote rapid normalization of intestinal health. A ready-to-use solution, with a choice of 3 different flavors (neutral, strawberry and fruit) to replace the superpowers.

Directions for use:

Pierce the package with the straw, where the probiotic is contained. The probiotic is added to the solution by passing the liquid through the straw, so administration must be done through it. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.