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Aquilea Stagutt 30ml

Aquilea Stagutt 30ml

Food supplement regulating liver function and gallbladder.

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The liver and the gallbladder are two very important organs for the proper functioning of our organism. The liver works like a real chemical factory, regulating the blood levels of most of the circulating chemicals, it helps to detoxify the body (neutralizes and eliminates or tries to eliminate harmful substances), in short, the liver is essential for metabolic homeostasis. The gallbladder is the reservoir of bile (produced by the liver), which facilitates the digestion of food.

It is, therefore, that it is important to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients that favor the proper functioning of the liver, as is the case with Choline that contributes to the normal metabolism of fats and contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function. Stagutt's formula is also composed of a series of natural detoxifying actives, such as artichokes and thistle.

Stagutt is the food supplement to use when you want to detox your body, when you eat too much, or drink too much, when you start a weight loss regime ...

Usage advice:

30 drops diluted in water 3 times a day, preferably before meals.