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Clearblue Pregnancy Test 1 Minute

Clearblue Pregnancy Test 1 Minute

Results in just 1 minute.

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The Clearblue Rapid Results Pregnancy Test is designed to give you the easiest pregnancy test experience, with the precision you expect from Clearblue and with results after 1 minute.

  • Accuracy greater than 99% - From the day the period should appear.
  • Ergonomic shape - Easy to pick up and more hygienic because of the longer, curved handle.
  • Wider tip at 50% - The wider tip with color change makes sampling simpler and changes the color from white to pink to inform you that you have used the test correctly.
  • Clear positive (+) or negative (-) results Easy to read positive (+) or negative (-) results in 1 minute *.
When reading the result, a blue line must appear in the Results Window. This blue line shows that the test worked.

If a blue line does not appear in the Results Window after 10 minutes, the test did not work.

It is not relevant that one of the lines of the "+" symbol is lighter or darker than the other - the result is "Pregnant".

Read the result within 10 minutes of performing the test. Ignore any changes to the results after 10 minutes.