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Coaguchek® XSTiras Reagentes 24 unidades
Coaguchek® XSTiras Reagentes 24 unidades

Coaguchek® XSTiras Reagentes 24 units

Reagent strips for INR meter.

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The reagent strip consists of three overlapping plastic slides, creating a sample application zone, a sample conduction zone and a zone, which contains the electrodes and reagents necessary for the test (namely thromboplastin, stabilizers , preservatives and additives, as well as the internal quality control reagent).

The blood sample is applied to the strip, being dragged by capillarity to the reaction zone. This area contains electrodes for the measurement of electrochemical changes caused by thrombin cleavage.

CoaguChek® XS PT strips are the only ones on the market that do not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature (2-30ºC).

Measuring principle:

  • a new thromboplastin
  • Recombinant human thromboplastin (ISI = 1) immobilized on the strip, activates the coagulation cascade and the formation of thrombin
  • Thrombin activity is determined electrochemically by oxidizing a substrate present on the strip (phenylendiamine)
  • The gold electrodes of the reactive strip register the potential difference resulting in Prothrombin Time
  • The measured results show an excellent correlation with the laboratory method