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Corega Creme Fixativo Sem Sabor 70g
Corega Creme Fixativo Sem Sabor 70g

Corega 3D Fixative Cream Without Flavor 70g

Fixative cream for dental prostheses

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Corega Sem Tabor is a flavorless, colorless fixative cream. Its formula provides strong fixation all day and a neutral flavor that does not change the taste of food.

Even well-fitted dental prostheses allow food particles to enter, which can cause some discomfort. Corega Sem Sabor prevents food particles from getting between the dental prosthesis and the gums.

Directions for use:

  1. Clean and dry your dental prosthesis.
  2. Apply Corega in short strips as shown in the image, without applying to the edges of the dental prosthesis.
  3. Rinse your mouth before placing your dental prosthesis.
  4. Put on the dental prosthesis, close your mouth and apply pressure for a few seconds.