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Corega Effect Cushion Cream 70g

Corega Effect Cushion Cream 70g

Comfort and strong hold all day.

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Corega Effect Cushion Cream: strong fixation with extra comfort for your gums, protecting them from pressure, friction and irritation caused by dental prosthesis.


  • With Adaptgrip technology, it is more than just a fixative! It acts by forming a layer of hydro-active gel and contains carbomer and carboxymethylcellulose.
  • Developed to start acting immediately, it helps to cushion with a cushion effect layer throughout the day.
  • Helps provide comfort and protect gums from irritation.
  • Easy application with precision applicator.
  • Strong hold, all day.

Directions for use:

Application: Clean and dry the dental prosthesis. Apply the product in continuous strips, but not too close to the edge of the prosthesis. Upper prosthesis: Apply the product on a wide, continuous strip, followed by two short strips in the center of the prosthesis. Lower prosthesis: Apply the product on a wide, continuous strip. Partial prosthesis: apply two short strips. Rinse your mouth with water before placing the prosthesis. Adjust the prosthesis in place, press firmly and bite for a few seconds to ensure fixation. To remove the prosthesis: Rinse your mouth with water. Slowly remove the prosthesis with rocking movements. Remove remnants of fixative cream from the mouth and prosthesis with warm water and a soft brush. Use Corega cleaning pads to thoroughly clean the prosthesis and rinse it with water.