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Isdin Psorisdin Anti-Peeling Shampoo 200ml

Smooth and shiny hair, without itching or flaking.

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Isdin Psorisdin Shampoo Thehelps reduce redness and relieve itching, signs associated with psoriatic skin on the scalp.


  • With 3% salicylic acid, Icthiol Pale and Anti-itch Technology, helps to regulate the scaling process of the scalp, eliminate flaking, reduce redness, in addition to relieving the associated itching.
  • Provides a conditioning effect, facilitating combing and comfort when using it.
  • The continued use of Psorisdin® Shampoo keeps the scalp in good condition, helping to reduce the need to use pharmacological treatments.
  • The Psorisdin® product line with Anti-itch Technology was developed and tested especially to care for and protect the skin of people with psoriasis.

Directions for use:

Apply on damp hair and massage until foam is obtained. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use 3 or 4 times a week.