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Galénic Argane Óleo Gelificado Desmaquilhante 125ml
Galénic Argane Óleo Gelificado Desmaquilhante 125ml

Galénic Argane Gel Gel Cleanser 125ml

Gelled oil make-up remover face and eyes.

Normal to very dry skin.

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Gelled oil that turns into unctuous milk on contact with water, with notes of bergamot, lily-of-the-valley and musky vetiver.

Main active substance

Exclusive and patented Argan Oil Extract

Complementary active substances

- Antioxidant vitamin E
- Argan pulp with regenerating properties
- Argan peptides to stimulate cell renewal
- Castor oil to nourish make-up skin


In order to ensure that the Argan Oil extract would not remain on the skin surface, the Master Formulator Galénic created a fat-soluble galenic structure thanks to a water-soluble action agent. This agent makes it possible to make argan oil and skin water compatible, which cannot be mixed naturally. All the richness of the argan oil extract is thus transported to the center of the skin.

Directions for use:

Apply 1 or 2 doses to dry skin, face and eyes. Moisten your hands to create an emulsion, massage your face with light circular movements and, finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

It is possible to use with a make-up remover, especially for eye make-up.