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Martiderm Essentials Solução Micelar 300 ml
Martiderm Essentials Solução Micelar 300 ml

Martiderm Essentials Micellar Solution 300 ml

Cleaning the face.

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The Micellar Cleansing Solution completely cleanses the face and allows skin without impurities without drying it.

Its watery texture leaves no residue on the skin, so we get a smooth and clean face without the need to rinse (leave on).

With Edelweiss, cknown as a snow flower, it has a moisturizing and protective capacity for the epidermis. It is antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals.

With prebiotics that fthe growth of beneficial microorganisms in the cutaneous flora avourages, regenerating, balancing and protecting it from external aggressions.
Directions for use:
Place on a make-up remover or cotton pad and pass over the face to remove impurities and makeup residues. Do not rinse.