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A-derma Sensifluid Micellar Milk 200ml

Make up and clean fragile and delicate skins.

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A-derma Sensifluid Micellar Milk make-up remover and clean fragile and delicate skin with its unique, fresh and milky texture.


  • Comfort texture that does not dry the skin.
  • A-derma micelles “moisturizing and cleansing”, 100% vegetables, clean gently and respect the skin balance. For + comfort + quickly with - rubbing.
  • Bottle with pump, practical and economical.
  • Does not require rinsing.
  • Face, eyes, lips.
  • Dehydrated, dry skin.
  • Composition: Rhealba® Oat Extract → Soothing and soothing; Gentle cleansing base → Cleans and removes skin gently; Emollient agents → Soften the skin; Mild surfactants of origin 100% Natural; Glycerin of origin 100% vegetal → Restores the hydrolipidic film, hydrates and nourishes the upper layers of the skin.

Directions for use:

Apply to face, eyes and lips with a cotton pad.

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