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NUK Detergent for Bottles and Teats 380ml

Quick and easy washing without odor or dyes.

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NUK Baby and Tea Bottle Detergent has a new formula specially indicated for cleaning children's products. Conventional detergents act mainly on fat. However, in infant products it is proteins that must be especially eliminated, such as those found in the remains of milk and liquids in bottles or dishes.


  • Manufactured from natural products.
  • Mild detergent. neutral pH.
  • No odor or dyes.
  • Quick and easy washing.
  • Rapidly biodegradable agents (according to OECD standards). Contains natural enzymes that effectively remove dirt residues.
  • Especially effective against milk protein, thicker food residues, cereals and juices.

Directions for use:

Apply a little NUK detergent to the bottle. Fill with warm water. Brush carefully. Empty and wash with warm water.

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