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Sesderma Repaskids Fotoprotetor SPF50 100ml
Sesderma Repaskids Fotoprotetor SPF50 100ml

Sesderma Repaskids Photoprotector SPF50 100ml

Protects and repairs damage caused by solar radiation on sensitive and fragile skin of children.

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Formulated with more appropriate sunscreens and with active repairers of the corneal surface that enhance the natural skin protection system.

REPASKIDS is specially formulated for children (including those under 3 years old):

Its micronized physical filters, selected specifically for the most sensitive skin, form a thin surface layer on the skin, ensuring the most adequate protection without damaging children's skin.

It incorporates corneal surface repair agents (the most superficial skin layer) such as ceramides, phytosphingosine and aloe vera, essential for maintaining healthy skin. The formula is completed with an antioxidant complex formed by soy isoflavones and pterostilbene, protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Provides excellent tolerance, thanks to its formulation without alcohol, without preservatives and with a hypoallergenic perfume.

Its cream texture ensures a better grip on the skin providing a more lasting protection. Its high water resistance (waterproof), is ideal for children to enjoy maintaining the level of protection.

Directions for use:

Apply evenly 20 minutes before sun exposure on the face and body. Repeat the application in prolonged solar exposures and every two hours. Repeat the application after the bath.

Warnings: Avoid prolonged exposures and intense midday sun. Excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous. External use only.Avoid contact with eyes.