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Nutribén Papa 8 Cereais 4 Frutas Láctea 6m+ 300g
Nutribén Papa 8 Cereais 4 Frutas Láctea 6m+ 300g

Nutribén Papa 8 Cereals 4 Milky Fruits 6m + 300g

The energy of the 8 cereals associated with the delicious fruit flavor in a milk flour ideal to complement your baby's food.

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Nutribén Papa 8 Cereals 4 Milky Fruits it is made with a careful selection of the best cereals (wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, rye, Indian corn and sorghum), and the best fruits (peach, apricot, banana and concentrated orange juice), which provide a smooth and delicious flavor to baby's food.


  • Nutribén's Gluten-Free porridges are suitable for introducing cereals into the baby's diet, in a way adjusted to his nutritional needs from 6 months.
  • Enriched with Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Transgenic Free.
  • Without palm oil, which makes them safer.
  • Produced exclusively by thermal hydrolysis (a natural process, without chemical processes) that allows: to preserve the natural flavor of the cereals; produce less sugars; obtain a porridge that dissolves more easily and quickly, avoiding overdosing and consequent overfeeding.
  • Nutribén® milk porridge contains milk and, therefore, must be prepared with water to avoid excess protein and possible renal overload.

Composition: Cereals 30% (wheat flour, corn starch, rice flour, oat flour, barley flour, rye flour, Indian corn flour and sorghum flour), fruits 28% (peach, apricot, banana and concentrated orange juice), skimmed milk powder 27%, maltodextrin, vegetable fat (sunflower, turnip and coconut seed), milk fat, minerals (calcium, phosphorus and iron), vitamins (C, niacin, E, pantothenic acid, B1, B2, B6, A, folic acid, K1 , biotin, D3 and B12), flavoring (vanilla), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin) and antioxidants (extract rich in tocopherols and ascorbyl palmitate).

May contain traces of soy.

Directions for use:

Put warm water (50ºC) on a plate, according to the amount indicated in the dosing table. Add the quantity of tablespoons of milk flour indicated in the dosing table. Stir carefully with a fork until completely dissolved. Do not add salt or sugar. Before preparing your baby's food, you should wash your hands and the necessary utensils for preparation.