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Elancyl My Coach! 200ml

Anti-cellulite, stimulating, smoothing, toning and draining concentrate. Rebel cellulite.

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Elancyl My Coach! The 1st care of the Elancyl Laboratory that will multiply the effects of small physical efforts of the day-to-day.


  • Smoothing-toning-draining!
  • Result of a great scientific innovation, inspired by the metabolism of sportsmen, MY COACH is the first ELANCYL product with 89% of ingredients of natural origin that will multiply the small physical efforts of the day-to-day: climbing the stairs, cycling, walking more, dancing, going to the gym ... these are all efforts that count when associated with MY COACH !
  • With an active ingredient that favors the activation of fat-burning adipocytes ****: the microalgae Tisochrysis Lutea.
  • Clinical studies under dermatological control are conclusive: MY COACH! multiplies X4 ** the effects of small daily efforts on the firmness and tone of the skin and for each small effort, MY COACH! increases by 60% the effect of smoothing the orange peel skin.

Directions for use:

Apply in the morning to the affected areas (thighs, hips, buttocks, arms ...) according to the massage technique. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on irritated skin.