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Medela Swing Maxi Electric Milk Pump

Double electric breast pump with 2- Phase-Expression technology. Double extraction for an extra bottle in half the time. With the only breastpumps that adapt to your shapes for greater efficiency and comfort.

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Medela Swing Maxi is a double electric breast pump with 2-Phase technology combined with the new PersonareFit Flex funnel. For double pumping - for more milk with a higher energy content than pumping one breast at a time.

It expresses the milk in a quiet and discreet way and combines a winning design with the latest 2- Phase Expression technology. This technology mimics baby's sucking to provide a more natural feeling and a more comfortable pumping experience. With the new PersonareFit Flex funnel you can easily adapt the way your Medela breast pump adjusts to help you find the most comfortable and efficient position to express milk, even when your breast shape changes.


  • Effective: expresses more milk in less time, thanks to its 2-Phase Expression technology;
  • Double pumping: for more milk with a higher energy content than pumping one breast at a time;
  • Exclusive: ideal for daily electrical extraction;
  • Convenient: range of vacuum levels and parameters;
  • Easy to use: easy to assemble, use and clean;
  • Practical: quiet and compact design, ideal for discreet extraction;
  • Individualized: with the new PersonareFit Flex funnel, have a completely new and personalized extraction experience for you.

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