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Chicco Bomba Tira-Leite Elétrica NaturallyMe
Chicco Bomba Tira-Leite Elétrica NaturallyMe

Chicco Electric Breast Pump NaturallyMe

Maximum lightness, efficiency and comfort. With a 2-phase system, it simulates the baby's natural suction form during breastfeeding.

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Chicco Electric Breast Pump NaturallyMe: intuitive, effective and comfortable.


  • It is useful in special situations such as: return to work life, babies that do not adapt to the mother's breast, breasts that produce a high quantity or that have a low milk production to be stimulated.
  • 2-phase system: 1. starts in the stimulation mode, with a faster rhythm to stimulate the milk flow. 2. After 2 minutes, it moves to the slowest extraction mode.
  • Comfortable and delicate: 1. With an ergonomic design with an angled bell for a comfortable position during extraction. 2. With silicone "mommy effect" that adheres perfectly and is delicate for the breast. 3. Compatible with NaturalFeeling bottles.
  • Intuitive: 1. Easy to configure according to the needs of each mother It is possible to choose between 10 levels in the mode of stimulation and extraction. 2. One-touch control buttons to modify or change settings. 3. Lightweight, can be used with battery or AC / DC power adapter. 4. Exclusive LCD screen / display where you can see the time and the selected level in a simple way in both phases.
  • Double use: use the included lid to store milk or the NaturalFeeling teat to directly feed your baby.