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Medela Bags for Conservation of Breast Milk 25unit.

Express the milk directly into the bag, avoiding the waste of milk

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Medela preservation bags allow you to store breast milk in an orderly and easy way in the fridge or freezer. Just express the milk, put a label on the bag and put it in the fridge.

  • Easy collection of milk: express the milk directly into the bag, avoiding the waste of milk
  • Compact: take up less space than breast milk bottles
  • Safe: with double wall for safe and prolonged conservation
  • Ready-to-use: very hygienic.

A good supply of breast milk ensures that your baby will not need an alternative diet. The practical storage bags that hold up vertically make the collection, preservation and freezing of breast milk easy and hygienic.

The conservation bags have a spill-proof double zip. They can be stored horizontally to save space.

The barriers against air and moisture perfectly protect vitamins and nutrients, and the beneficial properties of breast milk are maintained. The bags are made of proven material, suitable for food and BPA free, so your baby is not exposed to harmful substances. For proper conservation, use the area for the date label.

These new bags make it possible to store, transport and heat breast milk in a practical, hygienic and safe way.

New Advantages

  • Safer: Double wall and double zip.
  • More capacity: from 150ml to 180ml.
  • More quantity: 25 bags.
  • More economical for the mother