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Nuk Professional Anti-Colic Bottle with Control and Temperature 300ml

Bottle designed so that babies do not swallow air while drinking.

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Nuk Professional Anti-Colic Bottle helps prevent air from being swallowed. It is an innovative combination of an air valve and an air channel. The air valve ensures that the teat does not contract during feeding, which means your baby can breastfeed without having to let go. This eliminates one of the main causes of air intake. The integrated air channel directs air from the valve directly to the bottom of the bottle - without the air bubbles coming into contact with the bottle's contents. This prevents the milk from accumulating air. And less air in the food means less air in the baby's tummy. So, this is how the bottle helps prevent colic.


  • Thanks to the Professional Ventilation System, less air reaches the baby's belly during feeding. 96% of experts confirm the reduction of air in the feed.
  • The built-in temperature control indicator changes color when the food is too hot. The normally blue indicator turns white.
  • Natural and jaw-friendly, especially soft silicone teat, 0-6m.
  • Clinically tested teat: for an ideal combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
  • Made of high quality polypropylene, BPA free, with a capacity of 300ml.

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