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Mepore Adhesive Band 2m x 4cm

Air-permeable, self-adhesive, absorbent dressing ideal for wounds

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  • Mepore is an air-permeable, self-adhesive, absorbent dressing ideal for wounds.
  • Friendly to the skin, the polyacrylate adhesive does not contain solvent, providing a smooth but safe fixation.
  • External film with two parts for easy application.
  • Soft polyester fabric with high breathability for greater patient comfort, soft to the skin, water-based, polyacrylate-free adhesive for smooth and secure attachment.
  • "Pad" or absorbent pad with reduced adherence contact layer for greater patient comfort and longer use time.
  • Water based adhesive.
  • Low contact layer with the adherent wound minimizes the risk of adhering to the wound.
  • With flexible fluid-repellent liner or outer layer.
  • Easy to remove protective film allows for convenient application.

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